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#noticeandwonder and #ChiLSconf

Some noticings and wonderings from two days of learning at The Chicago Lesson Study Conference.


  1. Looking at learning over the shoulders of children provides us with a brutally honest reminder of what we ask of them each day. We demand they grapple with and make sense of the many layers of complex ideas, often with partially developed sets of understanding, and to do so on a pretty tight timeline.
  2. Kids whose teachers’ regular practice is built upon the idea that problems worthy of investigating may take more than one work session develop a confidence to leave an idea in mid-sentence and a willingness to pick up the conversation again the next day. They can do this because their teachers always close the day’s learning, and in doing so, position them to be ready for the next step in their learning.
  3. Learning is beautiful. It is really, really beautiful when it takes place inside a classroom community built on care, compassion, and kindness.


  1. What drives some educators to demand that reflective practice be a strong component of their professional work, and to do everything possible to ensure this happens?
  2. How do some administrators keep their passion for teaching as their raison d’être?

For the record, the whole reason this wonder even exists is because the principal at the Helen C. Peirce School of International Studies in Chicago gave 120 educators the most amazing gift on Thursday, May 11th. She taught the public lesson at the Chicago Lesson Study Conference that provided the context for small group conversations around focused questions, the wonderings that were explored during the panel discussions, and the final comments provided by Dr. Tad Watanabe. Talk about learning being beautiful. WOW. Just WOW.

  1. How can we begin to ask more wondering questions of each other about our work with the same commitment to grace and honest curiosity that was demonstrated during the two days of the conference?
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  1. What a beautiful entry! I am so happy we are on this journey, you reminded me of how important it is to look at student work and the power of a good question promotes that beautiful learning experience! Love it! Well done.

    May 14, 2017
  2. Sounds like a great experience for all.

    May 14, 2017
    • It was a marvelous 2 days of learning. Am grateful for the time to think about how it can support what we are doing.

      May 14, 2017

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