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Day 2 of Summer Math Camp

Day 2 of Summer Math Camp was fabulous. It was fabulous because the 26 people with whom I spent the day are fabulous. They walked in the door with an I love math and teaching so much that I am spending day 3 of my summer vacation working on math tasks, reading and talking about teaching and learning, and thinking about my classroom room and what I want it to be for next year’s students. With all of that amazing energy how can you have anything except a fabulous day!


We started out our day by reading an article and thinking about its content using the sentence-phrase-word protocol, courtesy of posts written by Jill Gough on her blog Experiments in Learning.


Then, we worked on four tasks from the Young Mathematicians at Work series written by Cathy Fosnot. We are considering using some of the units on multiplication and division next school year and wanted teachers to have a chance to investigate the materials, The tasks are nicely constructed, very versatile, and work for a wide range of learners and in a variety of instructional settings.


After we discussed the content students explore and the instructional moves we might use when working on the four tasks, we talked about how the big ideas of multiplication relate to grade level standards, and how students’ thinking, reasoning, and understanding develops across the grade levels. The final component of the morning session was the construction of a concept map that organized the big ideas, strategies, and models of multiplication, as well as, the teacher moves that support students building their understanding of multiplication.

After lunch, we spent some time talking about division before moving into math work stations.


The day ended with a bit of reflection.


Quote of the day:  I can do more than I think I can.

Thank you one and all for sharing two days of your summer, your thoughts, ideas, questions, and your care for the children who are fortunate to spend their days with you.

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  1. Eileen Galarze #

    Wow! This was an awesome post. Glad you’re having fun at your current math adventure!

    Eileen Galarze
    Assistant Superintendent
    Academic Achievement/Educational Services
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    10601 Church Street #112
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
    (909) 989-8541

    June 18, 2015

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