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Sprite Christmas Tree

How many cans of soda were used to make this Christmas tree?


Our neighborhood Albertson’s grocery store has this soda can display sitting right outside their front entrance. It is built from 12-packs of SPRITE, topped with one 12-pack of FANTA. I’ve been walking past the display for a few weeks now. Yesterday, the conditions were such that I could finally snap a picture. No other shoppers out front. My Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services was not doing her weekly shopping. Most importantly, neither of my kids were with me, so they were spared the public embarrassment of their mom taking pictures of store displays.

Guess how many cans of soda are in the SPRITE Christmas Tree.

Use the too high, too low, just right system of guessing from Estimation 180.

It may help them to know that the tree is only one 12-pack deep.


There isn’t a primary source available to verify the number of cans (12-packs) that the salesman used to create the display like there was for the Candy Cane Tree. (@modernhonolulu on Intagram)

So, here is how I figured it out:

1.  There are 13 rows. The first row has one 12-pack, the second row has two 12-packs, the third row has three 12-packs…. You get the idea. So, in the 13 rows of 12-packs there are seven sets of thirteen 12-packs or ninety-one 12 packs.

2.  Each of the ninety-one 12-packs has 12 cans, so multiply 12 x 91.

3.  There are 1092 cans in the SPRITE tree.

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  1. Tami #

    Thanks for the second day of providing my class warm up!

    December 15, 2014

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