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Candy Cane Christmas Tree

How many candy canes did the design team of Curate Decor + Design use to make this fabulous tree in the lobby of The Modern Honolulu?


First, make a guess that is too high. Then, make a guess that is too low. Finally, make your guess. Be sure to write down each guess. (This nice system of having kids work with number and estimating is courtesy of Andrew Stadel’s work found at Estimation 180.)

If you need a little more information before you give a final estimate, here is the very top part of the tree.


Record any revisions. How confident are you that your estimate is really, really, really close?

I am sure that by now you JUST can’t stand it and desperately need to know how many candy canes in the Christmas tree.

That was where I was at as soon as I saw the tree–just had to know how many candy canes were used. The folks at the front desk at The Modern Honolulu were super helpful and they just told me. They didn’t even make me guess.

Are you ready? Are you sure you don’t want to revise your guess one more time?

Drum roll please…

You are looking at 4510 candy canes.

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  1. Tami #

    Love this! Thanks for sharing.

    December 15, 2014

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