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Welcome to 3 yellow sand pails!

Welcome to 3 yellow sand pails!

Funny name for a blog that will talk about learning and teaching and math and other stuff for teachers and the kids they teach.

But here’s why…

Ever since my kids were little, the beach has been a huge part of our life.  We are fortunate to live within an hour or so of the beach.  We go for the day, whenever we can, and always have.  Part of the stuff that went along with us were the sand toys.  And, out of that canvas bag of toys, the sand pails were the kids’ favorite.

Over the course of the day, my kiddos would run, laugh, play with the shovels and buckets, dig in the sand, explore, build…  They always had stuff in their sand pails to look at, to examine, to behold, to investigate, to ask questions about, to ponder, to consider, to wonder about, to admire, to back away from, to chat about, and to share.

Those bright yellow sand pails always made me want to look inside and talk about about what I saw and what I thought about the great stuff that was in their buckets. And that is my purpose here: like kids fill sand pails, I intend to fill the pages and posts of this blog with things of interest and wonder, new, different, bold and refreshing; things that are familiar and make you smile; ideas, books, photos, quotes, passages; links to blog posts and websites; products for classrooms; design ideas; content and curriculum resources; topics of interest for educators and the families and communities they serve. I intend to create a place to ponder and explore and chat about what’s important to those who make math classrooms great places for kids.

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